Commercial Farm

Animal husbandry
Explore the authentic and genuine taste of peasant Tuscany
Our calves of “romagnola” breed, certificated by the “Consorzio del Vitellone Bianco dell’Appennino Centrale” are born and raised in the interior of our commercial farm.
Raised in fresh air, in the hills of San Miniato in total liberty, they are strictly controlled by our veterinaries and qualified entities.
Their nutrition is mainly self-produced in our commercial farm, with bio certification.
Our interior butcher’s offers all cuts of beef and our local pork butchery prepares traditional Tuscan cold cuts and sausages with meat of pigs raised in Maremma.
While tasting our meat, you will explore authentic and genuine flavours of peasant Tuscany.
The Eggs
The taste of genuineness
Our extra fresh eggs, recognizable by their characteristic white shell, come exclusively from our chickens of “livornese” breed, raised in barns. This bearing guarantees their free movement and their well-being. Our eggs are the product of their well-being.
The high quality feeding stuffs, ogm free, guarantee the quality and excellent taste.
We do not use cold stores for the conservation and we sell our eggs immediately after the gathering and the selection, within 48 hours since deposition.
The Olive Oil
You will not be able to forget its smell and its taste.
In one of the best sides exposed to the sun in the hills of San Miniato, we cultivate circa 700 oil plants, cultivar leccino, frantoio and pendolino.
Every year, in the end of October, we collect, by hands, our bio olives and press them in olive-presses of certificated sector. This way, our small production of extra virgin olive oil of highest quality is born which you can taste from November.
Tuscan Flavours
Real and genuine taste and smell, almost forgotten
The whole culinary Tuscan tradition is enclosed in our small jars with sauces and house made preserves. From chopped chicken liver to “romagnola” meat, smell of vegetable garden and extra virgin olive oil we only use ingredients of our own commercial farm, raised or cultivated in “Carpareto”. With the help of Grandma Marisa we have searched, compared and rediscovered antique Tuscan recipes, transmitted for generations.
The “Crostino Toscano”, which can be spread on a piece of bread, or the “Ragù di Carne”, which flavours a plate of pasta, offer a unique antique taste.